Have you been using Google Ads Lead Form Extension to generate leads online? If so, you must be looking for ways to make your Google lead ads more effective. 

Google Ads Lead Form Extension is a great way to generate leads on Google without needing to create and manage a separate website and/or landing page. When users click on your ad, Google Ads Lead Form Extension immediately shows lead form questions instead of redirecting them to your website. Once they fill the form and submit it, you have generated a new lead. Therefore, if you’re looking to create a high-converting lead ad on Google, making the form easy and relevant is important.  

While asking a few questions sounds easy, getting it right is super important since your form technically replaces an entire website that has multiple pages, informative content, and visuals. In this article, we’ll show you how to create high-converting ads with Google Ads Leads Form Extension.

Table of Contents
What makes a high-converting Google Ads Lead Form Extension?
How to create high-converting Lead Form questions
How to turn more of your Google Ads Lead Form Extension leads into clients?
Why use tools like Privyr to improve your Google Ads Leads into customers

What makes a high-converting Google Ads Lead Form Extension? 

There are two parts to the success of lead generation ads: 1. Ad Creative and 2. Lead Form Questions.

Ad creative persuades users to click on the ad while lead form convinces them to fill in and submit their details. Ad creative focuses on getting more clicks while the form is more about completing the process. How you design each determines the success of your ad. 

There are a lot of resources on the internet about creating effective Google Ads. In this article, we focus on creating effective form questions.

How to create high-converting Lead Form questions

When a visitor clicks on a Google lead ad, it immediately opens a questionnaire. What questions you put on the form and how you allow users to answer them play an incredibly important role in generating leads from Google Ads Lead Form Extension. Here’s what you should consider while creating your lead form: 

Number of questions

The primary purpose of Google Ads Lead Form extension is to generate leads. Therefore, your form should make it easy for your leads to complete the submission. Longer forms and never-ending questions can result in people losing interest in your offer. As a result, they abandon the process.     

However, what you should always keep in mind is that though fewer and easier questions have a higher chance of completion, more questions can improve lead quality as genuinely interested leads don’t hesitate to provide a few more lines of detail. 

Less than 5 questions is probably ideal for a Google lead form. People prefer completing a form fast, meaning more questions may result in a drop-off of submissions. If you’re in doubt, start out with fewer questions and expand the number later once you find people reacting positively to more questions.   

Also, consider enabling prefill questions on your Google form to make it easier for your leads to submit. Plus, removing questions that you don’t require helps you keep the number of questions to a desired level. 

Type of questions

Asking the right questions means you’re gathering the right information for your business. Appropriate questions also connect with your leads and make them feel more excited about getting their problems solved. On the other hand, irrelevant questions turn off your leads and they’ll abandon the process in the middle.  

For the best results,  

  • Avoid sensitive questions. For instance, people don’t appreciate it if you ask their house address, id number, or bank details. Plus, some demographics may find it offensive if you ask their medical status and age.
  • Avoid asking hard questions. People often abandon forms with questions that make them think before answering. Always keep in mind that people don’t have time to spend their effort on something they can find options elsewhere easily. 
  • Consider avoiding questions that require a lot of typing to answer. People usually avoid answering the questions that ask for too much information. You’ll not want to ask for a personal statement or an essay in your Google lead forms. It will likely be the reason behind people leaving without completing your form. 

Type of answers

Google Ads Lead Form Extension allows you to create multiple types of answers for users including dropdowns, multiple choice, short answers, etc. But that doesn’t mean you should put all options on your form. Instead, you should carefully choose the ones that allow users to proceed easily.   

Allow pre-populated answers. It ensures your leads won’t go through a lot of questions. However, also make sure the pre-populated answers can be edited because some people might have new details that they haven’t updated. 

Try putting ‘I don’t know’ as an option. Some of your questions can be confusing for some users. It will help them avoid them and proceed ahead. 

Use dropdown and multiple choice over typing fields. People are too lazy to type to answer your questions. Therefore, make sure they have choices that they can click. 

Questions to avoid 

The first thing you’ll want to do is follow Google’s advertising standards. There are certain questions Google specifically doesn’t want you to ask you leads. Apart from that, there could also be a lot of questions that may turn your audience off, depending on your target. It’s best to not include sensitive or controversial questions at all on your Google lead ad forms. Here’s a list of things you’ll want to avoid on your lead forms: 

  • Too personal questions 
  • Questions that ask about religion, political affiliation and sexual orientation
  • Fields that require passwords and login credentials to any service
  • National ID numbers
  • Address and family details 
  • Financial history and bank details
  • Race or ethnicity

How to turn more of your Google Ads Lead Form Extension leads into clients?

Getting a lead to submit interest on your Google Ads Lead Form Extension is only half the battle. Once you’ve received a lead, you still have a big task of contacting and converting them into a client. And you can only produce good results if you follow the best sales and follow up practices properly. 

For instance, quick outreach is essential to staying relevant and getting a response from a lead. If you reach out to them fast, they’ll know who you are and will less likely ignore your message. Similarly, personalised messages make leads know that you’re messaging them specifically for something they are interested in, instead of throwing some random promotional content. Proper follow-ups schedule is also important because most clients don’t convert in the first outreach. 

Why use tools like Privyr to improve your Google Ads Leads into customers 

Knowing the best practices is one thing, but following them properly is not as easy if you’re doing things manually. For instance, you’ll end up wasting hours just to download leads from Google forms and record them in your system. With that approach, it’s highly likely that you’ll not contact your leads within the first 15 minutes of them submitting their details. Similarly, manual processes also require a lot of work on transferring data and managing them. You won’t be able to plan a proper follow-up schedule and may lose many potential clients in the mess.  

Luckily, there are sales productivity tools that can help streamline your sales process so you can take care of everything easily. However, not all tools are built for the same purpose. Some are built for transferring data only while others don’t work on all devices. If you’re a small business owner or a solopreneur with a limited tech knowledge and small team, you probably want a one-stop solution that you can use from your smartphone easily. This is where Privyr comes. 

Privyr is a mobile-first CRM that allows you to streamline your sales process so you can easily follow the best sales practices and increase Google Ads Leads Form Extension leads conversion by up to 300%. It automatically downloads leads and allows you to contact them on popular mobile messaging apps such as WhatsApp, iMessage, or SMS within 5 seconds. It also manages your leads and their follow-up schedule so you don’t miss out on any potential client. The best part is that it works on all devices and you’ll learn how to use it within a minute.Looking to supercharge your sales? Try Privyr for free today!   


Michael is a content writer at Privyr, a mobile CRM that helps consumer-facing sales professionals convert leads into clients from their phones. A writer from the heart and marketer from the mind, he has been helping businesses from around the world create and execute successful content marketing strategies for their brands since 2018.